My paintings

GOT YOUR BACK - Oil  2110
MARY'S LAZYBONES - Pastel 2009
Beautiful Kenya - Although I've been to South Africa I have not been to Kenya
This photo was taken by my friend Harry
and he gave me the honor of doing this painting from his collection --Oil

Couldn't resist the Mona Lisa smile
of this beautiful nine year old -Pastel 2110
Mother & daughter at beach in MianeOct 2009  Pastel
It was a very cool day in Oct at Acadia National Park
I spotted this mom and child on the beach and couldn't resist taking a picture
The child had a snowsuit on while the mom had a blanket thrown over her shoulders


A prayer of thanks
Her embrace
A distant look upon his face
What stories will he one day tell
Her sweet little boy
Just back from hell
What visions have those clear eyes seen
Magnitudes of living in-between
Left a boy
Returned a man
His innocence passed in a foreign land
Her embrace
His troubled heart
A prayer of thanks
A place to start-

 by Angela

innovative boys in a 5k run in East Rockaway

Master Of The Roost-Watercolour taken ia Conesville at Ernie & Janis' place

Winding River Alaska-Oil this was at the bottom of a long and winding path
where we got to see a moose and her calf
One of life's unforgettable moments

Loving Hands-Watercolour This is part of my wedding picture from 1966
I find the hands so beautiful
and saying so much
"I leave my hands empty for what they have held before"

Scodic Lighthouse-Maine Watercolour

African Medley- Oil (Zebra, Impala & my favorite the Wildebeest)
Incredible Africa
A seventeen hour plane trip that led to a remarkable place of beauty

That's All There Is-Pastel
this was done from a photo taken off the tv
 loved her facial expressions
don't remember the name of the movie  The name of he movie was "Bountiful"

Ziggy-Pastel Janis & Ernie's magnificent sheppard

Beautiful Dreamer-Pastel -Marissa Lyn 
This picture was taken upstate in very bright sunlight 

March of the Elephants-Pastel

My Sweet Jessi-Pastel -Jessica taken on trip to Ellis Island
I was lucky enough to go along

Snow Beautiful-Watercolour- Conesville house

Ken-Ya Smile-Pastel  My favorite smile
Yet another of Harry's wonderful pictures

Janice & Gino-Pastel 

Conesville Still Life-Watercolour- old barn in Conesville

 Inspiration for this painting
Hot chocolate mornings make me smile
for you will be three years old for such a short while
Wrapped in a blanket
grandpa's old clothes
With grandma's big socks
and a chocolate nose
Out on the deck
Just sitting and rocking
Heard in the forest
A woodpecker knocking
Just sitting discussing world problems
hyenas and Wiggles
Girlie girl  talk
with lots of giggles
I yawn then I sigh
As the sun starts to rise
Hot chocolate mornings
Happy tears to my eyes

I wrote this on one of Marissa' upstate visits -we would go on the deck and pretend we saw The Wiggles (A children entertainment group)hiding in the trees 

Micheal's Gift-Pastel-My friend Micheal's beautiful son
Micheal his been a gift of myself and my husband
He is a cardiac cath man at NYU and he has help us through many a difficult time

Matthew's Quiet time-Pastel-My Matthew in one of his quiet moments
must have been thinking about blueberries

Main Street Maine-Pastel
Bar Harbour

Rosie's Boys -Pastel
First Love- Pastel-my hockey player/fisherman doing what he loves
to witness my grandson fishing is to witness passion of unfathomable depths
he is a catch and release fisherman

African Cat-Pastel

Maine Snippet- Watercolour

Look What I Found-Pastel a friends adorable grandchild

Shall We Dance-Oil

Just Color-Watercolour

           Harbour Sunset-Pastel we were on a boat ride to the lighthouses in Bar Harbour
Almost froze to death

Judy's Puppy-Pastel
 Capri & Venice- Oil the view on the left is from a bus looking down a steep mountain road 
the view on the right is from a gondola in Venice


This land
ancient ruins
emerald seas
lemon groves and olive trees
modern times and history
graciously blended in harmony
This land
Where men of a most determined will
cultivate each cliff and hill
Laboring with sweat and toil
to seed every plot of soil
creating life where once lay graves
of gladiators, kings and slaves,
This land 
Where Vesuvius reigns
challenging mythical gods of age old claims
An archaeological prize this magnificent place
where the old and the new coexist with grace
Grotto's, catacombs,
forums and fountains,
rolling hills,
Moorish villages
built into mountains
Masters of art
Masters of stone.
Michelangelo's "David"
Brunelleschi's dome.
Medieval castles on a present day street,
this ancient land where centuries meet
Venice, unique
Sorrento's Rome, Sicily,
meridian blue waters
on the Isle of Capri.
Florence, Almafi,
Ischas beauty
This land
of my ancestors
 by Angela Lamanno
view from bridge in Venice

1947  My sister and brother