My poetry

On a beautiful crystal clear windy night in upstate New York 2002  I wrote this poem
Every season in the mountains is my favorite

By Angela Lamanno 2002
Black velvet night
Diamonds suspended
Frosted meadows
 left unattended
Winds,  first a whisper,
Then a roar
Openly hoping to implore
Autumn to last another day,
Before bleak winter has her way
Bending boughs
Foliage now turning,
deep russets bright as fires burning
On this night
so tar pitch black
A slivered moon
reflecting back
piercing the darkness
of this November eve
As winter beckons
Autumn to leave

by Angela Lamanno
Each new autumn I am amazed
by crisp and clear October days
Dissapating summer's haze
Preparing for winters glaze
Majestic mountains flexed in gold
Vivid hues extremely bold
A moments beauty dear to hold 
soon vanished by winters cold
Foliage chaotically tossed and strewn
Casting shadows with a harvest moon
Ending now the songbirds tune
As days grow shorter
much too soon
Impatiently winter waits
Tapping on Octobers gates
Desperate to negotiate
Autumn days to abdicate

by Angela Lamanno    I wrote this after seeing a reflection in a raindrop
Life brought forth by tiny crystal beads
that nurture every bud
Encourage every seed
Reflecting to perfection
landscapes in miniature
The beauty of a raindrop
springtime's signature