My cabin amongst the Hemlock trees
is a shelter for my soul
I bring the scattered pieces there
to recreate the whole
It's the true north compass
in my life
this tiny wood framed shelter
The place I find my sanity amongst the helter skelter
It's the freedom that my heart desires
when I look skyward
through the trees
The peace and warmth the sunlight brings
like prayer on bended knees
The significance of being
so insignificant
The surge of power I feel
as winds though forest chant
The silence of the snows
The smoldering scent of Fall
My cabin is my place in life
where I can have it all
without the hustle and the nonsense
The turmoil and it's intrusion
The banality of life itself
that causes such confusion
It's the quiet and the down time
where worry is left behind
My cabin amongst the Hemlock trees
Is my piece of mind

by Angela Lamanno


digging a colvert at the end of the field
CHARLES checking out his tree stand 2009

CHARLES cutting our never ending supply of downed trees 2008

Cutting cords in 2110
Carlos' horse farm
Neighbors house in 2110 snow storm
about 6 feet in two days
drifts up to seven feet
Conesville was declared a disaster area
Our front gate in 2110  snowstorm
Another neighbor digging out 2110
Windom fourth Marissa and Matthew came up for weekend
had a great time 2009
fourth of July 2009 inWindom
Oak Hill Bluegrass Festival 2009
Good friends
Good music
Good times
In middle of show a hot air balloon past overhead stopping the concert

2009 Bluegrass festival at Oak Hill
Bluegrass festival
Mary's pictures
Charlie, Ernie and Gino going for a ride
Charles and I drove an hour to see this barn
can you guess why?
neither could we
Evening sunset from the Mancuso's field
A day at the lake
we all rode in Bob' bus
another time with Good friends
Good times
&Good laughs
Notice the position of the arms and the legs
they almost look like twins
The socks and sneakers go so well with the bathing suit
Did Charlie really say something funny Jan???
Love the hat Jonathan!
Trailering to Dewey's for fourth fireworks 2110
Claiming our ground
What are you thinking?
At Jan & Ernie' house getting ready to go to Stanford to swim July 2110
fishing at Ed's pond Aug 2110
had  a great time catching sunnies and bass
Dominic's compassion for the fish caught was remarkable to see
His respect for the sport is unbelievable
catch and release
Marissa being extremely patient catching Sunnies
actually kissed her fish
(well more like her hand holding the fish)
Matthew catching sunnies and was very happy until Dom started catching Bass
then he decided he wanted to catch Bass
Finally did catch his first Bass by casting at pond with Grandpa and Dom in Stanford
Please excuse the corrections
haven't had time to recopy the picture & poem
another thing to add to my bucket list
my, my how the years fly by
This is a four year old who loved the Wiggles and had a vivid imagination
The picture above this is a seven year old trying to be kind  and tolerate
 grandma's silly desire to capture a precious moment once again